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Reputation for not being able to develop qbs

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tigerworkpart2 Saints fan3810/19 5:23 am
by LSU GrandDad

Any hearing that Valentine dressed out for the game?

smash williams LSU fan110/19 2:15 am
by Cadello

Do you have confidence in this staff to develop a young QB?

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Hammond Tiger Fan ArizonaState fan5010/19 2:14 am
by jondavid11

LSU will lose to Kentucky???

jbrau22 LSU fan1010/19 1:42 am
by RileyTime

Just what the doctor ordered?

misey94 LSU fan010/19 1:36 am
by misey94

How much does Ficsher come off like a snake?

Wild Thang USA fan210/19 1:22 am
by saintsfan22

Why did Fournette get the PF on the TD play?

VetteGuy LSU fan410/19 1:06 am
by vjp819

Did Hilliard play tonight?

Relham10 LSU fan1210/19 12:58 am
by shutterspeed

Dont get your hopes up

lsufan52224 LSU fan810/19 12:57 am
by GWfool

I want somebody to destroy baker before the night is over

Mickey Donovan BostonCollege fan710/19 12:29 am
by DollaChoppa

41-3 LSU?

abellsujr LSU fan1510/19 12:24 am
by OceanMan

Ole Miss has a very good defense..

GumboPot LSU fan1910/19 12:21 am
by bhtigerfan

Point spread projections against Ole Miss...

teeMike LSU fan1310/19 12:19 am
by OceanMan

Beckwith okay?

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Respublica88 LSU fan2210/19 12:16 am
by Chadwick

LSU has the same record after 8 games as they had last season

The Boat FloridaState fan1710/19 12:12 am
by Datbayoubengal

so was Magee the main back RB...

SouthernInsanity LSU fan1610/19 12:11 am
by Alt26

Since the bowl game Jennings has had 1 game over 50% CMP

lurker124 LSU fan1010/19 12:05 am
by Datbayoubengal

How much time do you think the team spends on the passing game in practice?

bhtigerfan410/19 12:00 am
by bhtigerfan

Gameday in BR next week???

orlandeaux tiger610/18 11:59 pm
by bigpapamac

"Next week we go to the boot! Free snowcones for everybody!"

Lsupimp LSU fan810/18 11:56 pm
by Lakeboy7

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