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Isn't it always bikini week in Miami?
We get it, Johnny.
Looks like things are going well.
Will she be missed?
I'd definitely put her in the "Camel Clutch".
Is her dress part of the red carpet?
Who's the one in the middle? Wow.
Cool, who's going to sign the 4,468 other babes we saw there?
I'll watch Irish sideline reports, but that's about it.
This kid is unreal.
It's official, these girls are never wearing real clothes.
Rebound of the year.
I don't know what to make of this.
He may have lost at the World Cup, but he has won in life.
How do I become friends with these people?
That's called confidence, don't know what it's called in German though.
Making me love soccer more and more.
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