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Dude With "2014 Nati9nal Champions UK" Tattoo Announces Plan

Tyler Austin Black is the hardcore Kentucky fan with the above tattoo that he got before the tournament even started. Well, after his Wildcats lost to UCONN Monday night in the National Championship Black announced his plan for said tattoo...

"According to the 22-year-old fan says he will keep the $80 tattoo as "a way to remember this team" and to also keep it as "part of my life story."

Black says he picked up hundreds of Twitter followers throughout the tournament from people hoping to see his reaction if/when the Cats finally lost.

"It didn't really bother me that much," Black said. "I know people outside of Kentucky can't stand us."
He almost made it out of this not looking like an idiot. Almost.
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kjntgr - 3 months ago
Even if Kentucky would have won, he still looks like an idiot
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RileyTime - 3 months ago
Could always add in a "Runner Up" underneath it. I suppose.
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