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Steve Spurrier Calls Out Jadeveon Clowney's Work Ethic

Steve Spurrier and his mouth. Both of those are at it again. In a recent interview on the NFL Network, the old ball coach talked about his former defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. When asked, “How do you rate his work ethic?” Spurrier said...

“It was okay, it wasn’t, I mean he wasn’t like Marcus Lattimore.” Spurrier would circle back and compliment Clowney, “But when the ball is snapped, oh he’s got an explosion like you’ve never seen before.”
TV Sports anchor in Dallas/Ft Worth, Newy Scruggs, saw it live...

Newy Scruggs
South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier on @nflnetwork about the work ethic of Jadeveon Clowney "He was OK". Ouch.
11:16 AM - 19 Feb 2014
You can watch his full interview here.
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CarRamrod - 5 months ago
What is he going to do, lie and say it was great? I think everyone saw it wasnt great.
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SECSolomonGrundy - 5 months ago
OBC keepin it real
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