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Florida Students Campaign To Bring Justin Timberlake To Gainesville

Students at the University of Florida have started a campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to bring Justin Timberlake to the O’Connell Center to sing the national anthem before the Gators’ play Kentucky on March 8th. Here are details per the #BringJT2UF Facebook page...

So here’s the plan: We need Gator Nation to help us make enough noise on social media to persuade JT to come to UF and sing the National Anthem. The Rowdies are going to post photos, videos and tweets about why it’s great to be a Florida Gator and why JT should come to Gainesville for the game on March 8. What we want from everyone else is for you to do the same from your own social media accounts.

We need to spread the word of this movement, and we need everyone using your unique resources to do so. Get your friends, family, classmates, roommates, teammates, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, coworkers, and members of your student organization involved. Gator Nation is everywhere, which means we CAN have an impact like this!
I'd bet any money he does it.
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diddydirtyAubie - 6 months ago
I give a shit, horndog.
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horndog - 6 months ago
Nobody gives a shit, Leo.
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