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New #TigerDroppings "Featured 5 Fans" Is Here

An awesome win over A&M Saturday brought us some awesome contenders for this week’s "Featured 5 Fans."

Last week we asked TigerDroppings fans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to send us their best Tiger tailgate pictures under the hashtag #JohnnyTailgate. The fans heard us and brought it hard, posting tons of great pics all weekend.

So, after 48 hours locked away in our undisclosed social media bunker with a six pack of Zima, half box of reduced fat Cheez-its and one onion, we've picked your #JohnnyTailgate "Featured 5 Fans"...

#5 "Small Tailgate" - ERICA_DIXON

#4 "Big Tailgate" -TENT2TENT

#3 "Johnny Sign" - KIMISATIGER

#2 "Overall Breauxs" - _DREWUS_

#1 "Mike The Tiger Pants" - REGARDINGOLIVIA

Remember to follow TigerDroppings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every week for a new hashtag assignment and a chance to be in our "Featured 5 Fans."

Geaux Tigers!

And Happy Thanksgiving!
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DollaChoppa - 8 months ago
Couldve gone without seeing that last one
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brewhan davey - 8 months ago
#5 FTMFW :bow:
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Lime Cat - 8 months ago
Does anyone in these pictures post on TD?
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Spaulding Smails - 8 months ago
It's nice to see that man in the wheelchair be so kind to those handicapped gentlemen in the overalls
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stout - 8 months ago
Glad to see Oweo/GCS made it to the game.
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