Former Coach Dye Tells Bielema To Shut Mouth |
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Former Coach Dye Tells Bielema To Shut Mouth

Last week Arkansas coach Bret Bielema was complaining about plays missing from Auburn's practice films and criticized coach Gus Malzahn in the process. Well, during a speech at the Knoxville Quarterback Club on Monday, legendary former Auburn coach Pat Dye was asked about Bielema. This was his response...

“He needs to keep his mouth shut.”

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Chris Warner - 9 months ago
Pat Dye was on the Finebaum Show once and Paul interviewed a guy that found an old, severely weathered pair of pants in a remote Alabama coastal zone. The guy said he picked up the pants and was surprised to discover it had a wallet in the back pocket. He checked it. The Alabama I.D. inside said Patrick Fain Dye. Dye was later on the show and remarked that he could not remember when he lost those pants and the wallet its pocket contained, but that the guy did get him back the pants and wallet.
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NYCAuburn - 9 months ago
"and Pat was like, shut up"
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