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Auburn Ornament Bandit Robbing Cars?

This is one of the weirder things I've heard in a while. Auburn and Alabama don't square off until November 30th. However, that doesn't stop the crazy fans from doing crazy things now. From

"A Jefferson County man was distraught to find his car had been burglarized. The situation was made worse, authorities said, when the victim - a devout University of Alabama football fan - learned not only that his possessions had been pilfered, but that something decidedly orange and blue had been left in their place.

An Auburn University Christmas ornament was left on the front passenger seat.

Sheriff's deputies on Friday were dispatched to the man's home on White Drive near Concord Friday. The victim, whose name was not released, told lawmen he believed it was a message since he is an "avid" Alabama fan and would never have Auburn merchandise anywhere near his car."
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CrimsonFanSince94 - 9 months ago
Wow. Thanks, Larry.
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VoxDawg - 9 months ago
I'd hate to see Larry's definition of "slow news day" if this is worth publishing...
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