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Cali Junior College QB Taylor Has Insane Game

Mendocino College (CA) QB Trevor Taylor threw for 796 yards and 9 touchdowns against the College of the Redwoods on Saturday only to see his team lose 69-66 on a touchdown pass with 5 seconds remaining. His yardage total exceeded both that of the NCAA record of 731 (set by Menlo [CA] College’s Zamir Amin in 2000) and the FBS record of 716 (Houston’s David Klingler in 1990). Taylor told The Press Democrat...

“It was a blast,” “It was one of the funnest experiences ever, just to see the guys out there playing hard. Our stadium was rocking, my whole family was there, my high school friends were there. It was one of best days you could ever ask for.”

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QJenk - 9 months ago
So did the teams even field a defense or what because i surely cant tell
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SanJoseTigerFan - 9 months ago
I am a Menlo College Alumni
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crazyLSUfan - 9 months ago
But he lost.
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