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Lou Holtz Blamed Stanford Loss On Midterms

After #5 Stanford lost to Utah 27-21 Saturday night, leave it to ESPN's very own Lou Holtz to make excuses for the Cardnidals. Holtz blamed the loss to a crazy week of midterms...

“There’s no doubt that Stanford did not play well. But I know coming from an academic institution, this is a time for midterm exams,” Holtz explained. “Players are not focused, they don’t get to practice on time, they’re worn out, they’re tired, they don’t get much sleep, and you do not play very well. And that is exactly what it looked like to me with Stanford. I don’t know that for a fact, but that looked like a football team that was in midterms.”
Last time I checked all schools took midterms, no?

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chalmetteowl - 10 months ago
not all schools are Stanford...
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11thACR - 10 months ago
That excuse in reserved for a Very, Very Few...
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YStar - 10 months ago
Terrible excuse. Stanford lost because they came off of a close emotional victory a week ago against Washington. We all should have known that Utah would be a trap game and that Washington wouldn't be able to last against Oregon.

Looking at the schedule, Oregon seems to get the tougher opponents a week after Stanford.
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