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NFL To Pick Hard Knocks Team If No One Offers

HBO's Hard Knocks is an awesome show, but it's hard to get teams to participate year after year. So much so that Bengals did their second round of being on the show this past year. Well, now the NFL is getting involved.

"According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, NFL owners passed a rule which would allow the league to pick a subject for the HBO/NFL Films reality show if no one offered, which will keep the popular show running.

Colleague Albert Breer added that teams with new coaches, or teams which made the playoffs two years in a row could decline."
Obviously the show is seeing some sort of profit for the league to strong arm teams.
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LaBornNRaised - 10 months ago
Saints said no ... The NFL asked.
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legeaux - 10 months ago
pretty bias answer but they should have done the saints with payton coming back etc
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