Video: Will Muschamp Unloads On Media |
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Video: Will Muschamp Unloads On Media

Will Muschamp went off on several local media outlets for their inaccurate reporting regarding the suspensions of Florida’s players for the season opening game against Toledo on Saturday.

On Friday night, the Palm Beach Post, Gator Country, and the Gainesville Sun all reported that Loucheiz Purifoy, Darious Cummings, Latroy Pittman, Quinteze Williams, Antonio Morrison, and Jay-nard Bostwick were suspended for the game. That would make six Gators suspended for the season opener. But hold on a second, Bostwick was not suspended and was in uniform for the game.
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lsutigersFTW - 11 months ago
His name is literally Jay-nard
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dreaux - 11 months ago
Wish miles would handle guilablow like that.
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aVatiger - 11 months ago
good for him, he is right.. these guys write most of this stuff with zero factual evidence of most these incidents

Muschamp has always been a stand up dude, the gators got them a good coach.. I just hope he doesn't go nuts and shank somebody
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