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Auburn Unveils Plans For New Toomer's Corner

Auburn University officials unveiled a new design for the Samford Park area at Toomer's Corner during a Celebrate the Tradition event marking the final rolling of the poisoned Auburn Oaks, which will be removed Tuesday.

An arcing path design, set to be implemented in 2014 with the planting of two oak trees, was selected after a series of public workshops and an online survey in which more than 10,000 alumni, students, fans and friends provided opinions and ideas.

"We are unveiling the results of your ideas today," said Bill Stone, Auburn Alumni Association president, who helped unveil an artist's rendering. "I can tell one thing for certain: Live trees will be planted on the corner and the great tradition of rolling the corner will continue."
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troywew - 15 months ago
Disney World built an artificial tree
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Placebeaux - 15 months ago
Should have just mounted the dead trees IMO
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