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Lacey Won't Participate In Combine With Injury

Alabama running back Eddie Lacy will not participate in workouts at this week's NFL scouting combine due to a hamstring injury, according to a league source.

While running the 40-yard dash in a mock combine event last week at IMG, Lacy strained his hamstring, which resulted in swelling, soreness and discomfort.

Doctors examined Lacy and conducted an MRI that revealed he suffered a small tear in some tissue around the hamstring.

The doctors, trainers and performance trainers have indicated Lacy would not be able to resume training or be completely healthy to give a representative workout in time for the combine.

Lacy will rehab aggressively and resume training in order to hopefully perform all drills at Alabama's Pro Day on March 13.
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paladine36 - 17 months ago
Dang one of my favorite Alabama rbs. But he cannot stay healthy.
"Spin move"
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TigerJeff - 17 months ago
Reminds one of Bum Phillips driving Earl Campbell into the ground
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