FIU Players Tweet About Recruit Strip Club Trip |
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FIU Players Tweet About Recruit Strip Club Trip

Florida International is doing their best to try and recruit players to their campus, but that’s a tough thing to do with Miami right down the road, and FSU and UF always looking to poach away in-state players, as well. Basically, you have to pullout all the stops as the small school, but it is best to make sure they stay under the radar. Unfortunately, FIU’s current players, specifically defensive back Demarkus Perkins and defensive tackle Isame Faciane, don’t seem to grasp this, as evidence by the fact of them tweeting about their recent trip to a local strip club with a recent prospect...

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JETigER - 18 months ago
The recruit needs to learn that all the White Women are at the Food Stamp Office and all the Black Women are at the strip club.
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dagrippa - 18 months ago
LOL snow bunny nice
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