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South Carolina Fan Arrested For Dropping Pants

A 34-year old Gamecocks fan was arrested and booked after he dropped his pants and mooned LSU supporters during the game. Police were called to section 409 of Tiger Stadium to take the offending fan away.
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Thracken13 - 22 months ago
he just wanted to show the LSU Fan just how much of a "cocks" fan he was.
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TeaRay - 22 months ago
Section 408, Row 21, seat 26,25,24,23 and he was 24 yrs old. It happened about 3 minutes into the game, It was actually four Gamecock Fans, they were drunk and 2 were being really obnoxious.. I personally told them, they should chill-out, but one of them just didn't wanna listen, The Sheriff's Officer who stands in the portal, came up not a minute later, he wanted three of the four to come down for a chat.. The trouble-maker dropped his pants as he went down the steps to the portal, we pointed it out to the officer, "that's what he's been doing!" showing is ass, the office saw him showing his arse and that was all it took, he missed the game and got to spend the night in parish prison.
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LSUGoose - 22 months ago
You read it and commented didn't you?
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Auburntiger - 22 months ago
is this really newsworthy?
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