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Big 12 Eyeing Notre Dame?

With all the talk about Texas A&M joining the SEC, the Big 12 is starting to think about who they would add to their conference. Commissioners of the Big East, Big 12 and ACC are attempting to sit down and sort it all out, but sources say the Big 12 is eyeing Notre Dame to join their conference.

"There are informed sources familiar with the Big 12 who are certain that it has its eyes on Notre Dame, which is an independent in football but a member of the Big East in basketball."
It's also speculated that Cincinnati and Louisville would be considered if the Irish pass.

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BaylorTiger - 35 months ago
Honestly...ND's contract isn't that great. They are gettin $15 Million a year and the surrounding Big 10 schools are getting around $22 Million.

This is a contract that was entered into a few years ago...their viewership is down since the contracts inceptions.

I beleive the time of ND's independenace is coming to an end...maybe not now and maybe not to the Big 10-2...but all signs are pointing to buking up with some roomies.

I dunno know I need to check with my "source", you know, ta&m's Guy Liucci...he's never wrong.
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stapuffmarshy - 35 months ago
So you would have a conference of 10.

Two with seperate independent TV deals

and 8 others with zippo

more fair than 1 and 9 I guess
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TigerB8 - 35 months ago
The Irish don't need anyone with their own contract with NBC.
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