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D.J. Fluker: Alabama Practices Harder Than NFL

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports
Former Alabama offensive linemen D.J. Fluker was interviewed on Tuesday and said that Alabama practices were actually harder then his NFL practices. Per AL.com

In a Tuesday interview with Tide 99.1-FM in Tuscaloosa, he explained part of the reason for his success.

"Playing at Alabama, practice-wise, is probably a lot harder than playing in the NFL," Fluker said.. Being under coach (Nick) Saban and the practices he makes each and every day was like an NFL game. That prepared me the most, being in that environment every single day ... Coach made everything organized, just like being in the NFL."
Fluker was the No. 11 overall pick of the San Diego Chargers and finished his first season on the NFL's All-Rookie team.

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ChuckSteak - 6 months ago
Yes, because Fluker has tons of subjective experience in comparing other NCAA programs to the NFL.

Essentially, Fluker would have gone pro if he had gone to (insert any FCS school here) anyway...Alabama didn't make his talent but simply harvested it. Which, as an LSU fan is a shame that Bama has to win with LA boys all the time (i.e. Fluker).

Also, when San Diego can win, or even make it through, the gauntlet of winning the Super Bowl...then he can boast that comment. So far, I see tons of OL guys on NFL rosters that all don't have UA next to their names
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LetTheValleyShake - 6 months ago
How much was he paid each practice?
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lsu2006 - 6 months ago
High schools practice harder than the NFL. Of course Bama does.
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E.Hubble - 6 months ago
OMG a coach that organizes practice? Weve learned sabans secret.
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