Jimbo Fisher Says His 2019 Recruiting Class Will Be #1 Or #2
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Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher is feeling rather confident after his first National Signing Day for the Aggies. Especially for the future, per CBS Sports...

To be clear, Jimbo Fisher is killing it in recruiting. Texas A&M proudly boasts the nation’s No. 4 class according to 247Sports.

Well, in 2019.

“We’ll end up being one or two,” Fisher said Wednesday during the 2018 National Signing Day. “I’m talking about 10 guys that are right [there]. I’m talking about first-, second-round draft pick guys. There’s some phenomenal players.”
A&M's class this year is ranked 17th overall.

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This doesn't have anything to do with recruiting, but I *cannot* wait until Nov 24.
Reply3 days
Seems weird for a HC to acknowledge that much preoccupation with how some outside recruiting service rates his signing class.
Reply13 days
Based on the most recent update from 247, we have committed or lead for about 23 guys who's ranking would put us ~300 points which is usually good enough for top 3. He's recruited at a very high level for a long time. He's got as much support ($, facilities, fanbase, etc) as anyone could ask for. I think top 5 is a safe bet.
Reply15 days
This reminds me of the other maroon team when tGrind was going skrong. TAMU making a major play for winner of the offseason National Championship.
Reply15 days
just think, lsu could have snagged him too...if they had any money.
Reply15 days
Candy cheated on him with a black man. Believe nothing from this jackass
Reply15 days
LULZ! He will turn on the administration like he did at FSU
Reply15 days
And people think he's going to shite all over FSU, quit after the first game of the season, not recruit for the entire month of November, then suddenly become re-energized by TAMU and be a good coach again?
Reply15 days
No team is ever as good as aggy is gonna be next year.
Reply15 days
Big brother Texas says no way little bro.
Reply15 days
Why does this talk sound so familiar? Hmmm.
Reply15 days
They are going to pass us up pretty quickly. SECW pecking order by end of 2019 1. Bama 2. aTm 3. AU 4. LSU 5 msu 6 Ole Miss.
Reply15 days
So your not a Fan of LSU huh? negatiger
14 days
#1 or #2 perhaps for the state of Texas.
Reply15 days
He worked his tail off to get the 2018 class to where it was. Diss Jimbo Fisher if you want, but he does have a recent national championship ring to back up his talk.
Reply15 days
I’m not sure about that, but I’ll tell you one thing. In three years they will be a better program than LSU. It’s the unfortunate truth.
Reply15 days
another non fan negatiger
14 days
They always recruit good, then have a 6-5 record.
Reply15 days
I’m sure he said his fair share of “good things” at FSU. “I want to be here” “we’re going to win a championship” “I love what this program is all about”. When will fans realize that coaches will say anything they want to hear? He’ll probably say the same thing the next school he’s at.
Reply15 days
Well you’re right, and he did win a championship so what’s your point?
15 days
He did win a championship at fsu right?
15 days
What a douche
Reply15 days
He can make any statement he wants. Money is guaranteed.
Reply15 days
They're still gonna finish 4th in the West.
Reply15 days
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