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ESPN sports announcer Chris Fowler posted an eight-minute video on Instagram Sunday about three possible scenarios for the 2020-2021 College Football season:

1. Starting the season on time.

"It's what we are hoping for but it doesn't seem realistic," Fowler said.

2. Start the season late, possibly in November.

"You have to reshuffle the playoff and that sounds problematic," Fowler said. "Also, people are worried about the second wave of this virus coming back when the temperatures up north turn cold in November. Do you want to start a season and then have to shut it down? To me, that sounds disastrous."

3. Start the season in the Spring.

"There is a third scenario that is gaining momentum," Fowler explained. "That's football in the Spring."

"Beginning at some point in February, into March, April, May, maybe have the postseason in June... that would have to be reshuffled a bit."

"It would be bizarre, it would wreak havoc on some other sports during that time of year but to avoid the financial disaster of having no football in the academic year I think it might be a fallback position."

"I think that testing will come a long way by then. Perhaps we are closer to a vaccine, perhaps it will make more sense for people to gather in large numbers in stadiums in about eight months instead of the three or four."

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How has this brilliant idea aged? In ESPN, ABC/Disney's attempt to keep the country indoors under house arrest and miserable until the November election takes place, they trot out liberal sports hacks like Fowler and Herbstriet to try to talk us into not having anything. Just stay inside and obey. Screw him and ESPN. Trying to control the country with their garbage opinions.
Reply10 days
Dude hasnt a clue. Parrot
Reply14 days
i am so in for a spring football season
Reply19 days
Please don't put this guy on here. Has to clear anything he might come up with and is told what to say 95% of time.
Reply23 days
I don't understand starting in February. If the damn virus can ramp up in November, can it not still be around in February and march? I don't see the logic. Start the season regular damn time.
Reply24 days had a knee-jerk over-reaction earlier, Chris. Shocked, I am.
Reply25 days
Baseball in June and Football is on in the fall.
Reply25 days
This shite is so illogical
Reply26 days
I’m demoralized man. I really wanted to see Bama - USC and Texas - LSU. I’m praying the SEC will somehow find a safe way to play out our conference schedules but I’m not seeing it happening that’s a pipe dream.
Reply1 month
screw him.we getting ball in late August.
Reply1 month
Looks like hammered crap
Reply1 month
Looks a lot older than 57.
Reply1 month
Spring football? Ok. So let's have some college baseball this fall.
Reply2 months
The scenario that the sky is falling is losing momentum, fast.
Reply2 months
Chris looks like he's recovering from a 3-day binge in that last picture.
Reply2 months
That's what happens when you put a wide angle lens close to your face to take a photo.
2 months
And then a two month off-season before football starts again?
Reply2 months
Exactly! & what if somebody gets hurt - they're out 2 seasons???
2 months
well, if we don't have fall football like normal, things are going to get really rough... the more I learn about the design of this virus, the scarier I get and I am one who says, "it's time to get back to work already'.... The Chinese have totally screwed the world and they must pay and be held accountable...
Reply2 months
Wishful thinking. Not gonna happen.
Reply2 months
Holy shite Chris Fowler looks old in that picture.
Reply2 months
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