Former Alabama QB AJ McCarron is making the rounds at the Super Bowl, talking about himself, his girlfriend and his Crimson Tide career. In an interview with Jim Rome on CBS Sports Radio, McCarron put some of the blame of the Tide's losses on the younger players because they didn't "buy in" to the Tide's mission. Per CBS Sports...

"Myself and CJ Mosley, we were basically the two leaders of the team and we felt like it was a matter of time before it was coming," McCarron told The Jim Rome Show. "It's definitely tough to lose, but it kind of shows when you don't have everyone buy into one system, one belief, then sometimes a team is going to struggle."

"We had a lot of young guys," said McCarron. "In the end, success was our killer. Too much success and a lot of young guys coming in who didn't know what it took to get back to that point to win. They thought we'd just show up and we'd win."

McCarron told Rome it wasn't complacency that derailed the Tide's title run, but the "entitlement" that comes with a five-star recruiting rating.

“I think that's one of the things that is wrong with recruiting out of high school,” said McCarron. “You have guys who have never played the game of football rating these guys that they are a 5-star, because they're sitting behind a computer screen watching their highlight film. Well, their highlight film is supposed to be good, the last time I checked. That's the kind of thing that ticks me off about recruiting and when these kids come in and they're 5-stars and they expect to play right off the bat. It's a little entitlement and when they don't play off the bat, they get a little ticked off and they don't want to work.”
Then on Thursday, McCarron was interviewed by the NFL Network’s Scott Hanson, where he threw a little zinger at Brent Musburger during this 4 minute interview, when asked if he had a picture of girlfriend Katherine Webb, McCarron responded, “If I don’t, I’m sure Brent Musburger does.” You can watch it here...

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bama acts like they are unbeatable and they just go undefeated.. yet they never went undefeated in a season with AJ..
Reply46 months
wow that is ridiculous. how about some teams are actually better than yours on the field?
Reply46 months
AJ was a douche before this latest dust up. He's still a douche. Nothing to see here.
Reply46 months
BTW, LSU has lost more kids to the NFL early and has to deal with more freshmen thrown into starting roles with their early season defensive inconsistencies and Les Miles and his players have absolutely never ever acted like this. Les has always taken all of the blame in public for anything short of perfection.

I'm just showing how far from normal this is for players and the HC to automatically blame everyone else for imperfections and losses. Build some character next year.
Reply46 months
Although I am sure that he is 100% telling the truth, this just looks bad on him IMO. He is the second guy on the team that blames the losses on young players not buying in to the "process". HAHAHAHAHA Saban taught you well AJ... It's never any of your fault... it's everyone else's fault because they didn't listen to you when you told them to win right? Saban does it every single time he looses at Bama and LSU.

In the end, a leader takes responsibility for those he leads, he doesn't throw them under the bus EVERY SINGLE TIME the team looses. It is the leader's responsibility to address these things. Just because you call yourself the team's leader doesn't mean that you should have ever been in that role. I can't help but wonder if AJ's veteran team mates on Sundays are going to think that he has entitlement issues? He just needs to let them know that he's a leader right?
Reply46 months
Damn, not a fan of Musburger - what he said about his girl friend should be taken as a compliment. Let it go dude.
Reply46 months
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