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Eleuthra Bahamas house to rent
Has anyone been to Eleuthra and rented a house? If so, which side of the island - west coast or east (Atlantic side)? Is July ok to go? - looking at summer 2021. Any other advice or ideas?

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re: Eleuthra Bahamas house to rent
Went Last July. Stayed at the cove- eleuthera. Place is tight but other than the resort and harbor island, there is NOTHING to do on the island.

The Cove is on the West side of the island. IT was (obviously) hot in July and the bugs were annoying at night, but we wanted a quiet vacation to recharge/relax and thats exactly what we got.

Again, there is not much to do on the island other than harbor island. Very few restaurants, most close at night early, etc.

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re: Eleuthra Bahamas house to rent
This was the first Summer in 5 years that we did not go to Eleuthera. (Family of 6, kids aged 10-24). We stay on the Atlantic (East) side of the island (except for the first time, we were sold on the idea of 'beautiful sunsets'). Great sun rises on the East side. More importantly, the Carribean side does not get the ocean breeze in the evening that the East side enjoys. That is a HUGE impact on the no-seeums / sand-flies.

We always travel in July. You will have the daily afternoon showers. Just a few minutes of downpour to cool things off a bit.

We love staying on Winding Bay. It is centrally located, and Rock Sound is just a 10 minute drive. Rock Sound has some really good restaurants (Sammy's is a MUST, Wild Orchids is very good too.) and the best grocery store on the island. Winding Bay is about 3 or 4 miles of beautiful beach, protected by the reef -- very good area for the kids to hang out in the water. You will see plenty of sea life in Winding Bay. Adjacent South of Winding bay is another bay (Half-Sound). We kayak and fish there almost daily -- fantastic bone fishing, and you'll get up close with hundreds of logger head, leatherback, et al sea turtles. Rock Sound has an airport that Pineapple Air and Bahamas Air both fly into.

We typically start our week taking a fishing charter out of Spanish Wells. I can provide the fishing captain -- he's a cool dude and will definitely put you on the fish. We always catch way more fish than we need for the week -- so we share with the rental care taker. In return, they give us tons of fresh fruit for the week.

Things to do on the island:
Visit LOTS of different beaches.
Enjoy the people -- hitch hiking is very common. If you see someone needing a ride, pick them up and enjoy the conversation. We've had some hilarious results.
Bone fishing is great -- explore the island.
Explore the mangroves.
Lighthouse beach is worth the trip.

There are NO casinos. A few bars. Simply put, people don't go to Eleuthera for night life and chasing women. They go for raw, unfiltered Bahamas. It is a truly beautiful gem full of friendly people. Rent a house. Rent a car. Explore.

We've stayed in this VRBO rental 3 times.

We've also stayed a two different places, one on Winding Bay and one on the Carribean side. I would not recommend the Carribean side VRBO, it was not the best place, to be honest (poor air conditioning and terrible kitchen).
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