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Bourbon crawl in Kentucky...has anyone done this?
And can you offer any insight to the best places to visit? Where should I stay?

Any other attractions in the area?

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re: Bourbon crawl in Kentucky...has anyone done this?
We like staying in Bardstown. It is an easy drive/ride to pretty much anything you would want to go to. I would say that the primary don't miss spots are the Buffalo Trace hardhat tour with Freddie as a tour guide (yes, ask for him by name), Makers Mark, Heaven Hill, Willett. I'm more of a fan of 4 Roses than Woodford, but Woodford has the better tour. I don't love 1792 bourbon, but they have a really cool column still and a good tour. Independent Stave in Lebanon is a fun tour also. They make a lot of the barrels for the different distilleries, and you are able to learn just how much the wood and char have to do with bourbon.

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re: Bourbon crawl in Kentucky...has anyone done this?
We did a VRBO about 20 minutes outside Bardstown. That put us about in the middle of most of the distilleries, though the ones near Lexington were a little over an hour drive.

My rankings of the distilleries/tours that we did...

1. Buffalo Trace
2. Four Roses
3. Maker's Mark
4. 1792
5. Jim Beam
6. Wild Turkey
7. Willet
8. Heaven Hill

We did go to Woodford, but got there just after the final tour of the day left. Drive into Woodford was gorgeous and the guest center was super nice. That's about all I can say about it.

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re: Bourbon crawl in Kentucky...has anyone done this?
You could stay somewhere in the Red River Gorge. It is a beautiful area with plenty of tourist attractions and lodging options. When I was there in fall most of the distilleries were not open at all for tours or limited with rona still going strong.

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re: Bourbon crawl in Kentucky...has anyone done this?
a lot of distillery tours only book a few weeks out. BT is like a week to week and half I believe, and books almost instantly and only has a few of theirs open(hard hat is not one of them). Woodford and makers(other than BT) are probably the most scenic. A lot of the other places are going to be just open gift shops. Willet is about a half mile from Heaven Hill. Willet is more of a lunch spot. HH is opening or already has opened a new renovation for their tours, but still limited because of Covid. A lot of the new places are open, but again, nothing special. kind of like doing a craft beer tour, they are all the same.

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re: Bourbon crawl in Kentucky...has anyone done this?
Yep, a few years ago...

We flew into Louisville on a Thursday afternoon - just grabbed dinner and a few beers.

Friday - Angel's Envy, Jefferson's, and Bulleit. Bulleit was awesome because it's the old Stitzel-Weller site, which was awesome. You can literally smell the bourbon in the air. We did the tour through Mint Julip Tours - it was great. They picked the 5 of us up in a bus and drove us around all day and we had a lunch at a BBQ joint planned in the day.

Had dinner at Pat's Steakhouse that night - it was okay.

Saturday - Played some golf, then went to the Clemson/Louisville game that night and Clemson proceeded to open a can.

Came back on Sunday.

It was a good trip.

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