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TP Link Deco M5 and Nest cam connectivity
I got a TP Link Deco m5 mesh system a few months ago to help with low signal dead spots in my house and backyard. I have been very satisfied with the performance for just about every device except my 2 Nest outdoor cameras. I continue to have intermittent camera disconnects. The cameras will go out for 30 seconds then come back on. One camera is 5ft from a router puck and the other backyard camera is about 15-20ft from a router puck. The bigger culprit is the backyard camera and while 15-20 may seem like alot of distance, i can go right under the camera and pull 25 mbps on a speed test. If i'm getting those speeds, which is what my internet caps at, i would think the signal is strong.

I have called both TP Link and Nest. Nest says they show low wifi signal to the camera when it goes offline and said there could be interference. They also tell me to reconfigure Wifi to the camera which hasn't worked twice.
The only real thing standing between each of these router pucks and the camera is a door. TP link hasn't provided much since they can't troubleshoot and issue that doesn't seem to exist.

To add, i have a Nest hello doorbell that has maybe gone offline one time and i have several other indoor wifi items that never have issues. I'm running out of ideas but i can't imagine 2 doors, both wood with glass are causing interference.

Anyone have any ideas on other ways to test? I do question if the cameras are being passed off between router pucks and thus losing connection as they do this but I would think seamless hand off would alleviate this?
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