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Nikon D3400 DLSR camera questions
Any of y'all own one? I'm not planning on being some sort of amateur photographer by any means, but would like a decent camera instead of relying on my phone for good pictures. Pros/cons and other suggestions would be appreciated. Section hiking the AT this spring so landscape shots will be a primary focus but I've also got nephews that will be involved in sports soon so want something that can capture clear action shots. Totally new to the camera world but I don't like to buy cheap stuff only to upgrade later- this one stuck out from reviews as a good camera for a hobbyist regardless of skill

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re: Nikon D3400 DLSR camera questions
Seems like a decent camera. The only disadvantage: it's a DX sensor. FX sensors give you wider looks through the same lenses and generally yield larger files with better color range (dynamic range).

DX sensor vs FX sensor: LINK

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re: Nikon D3400 DLSR camera questions
It's a good camera. Probably not something for a lot of action photography because of the minimal focus points but it's got a great sensor and you'll get great photos with a good lense. Friend has the D3300 with the 35mm prime lense and takes really good northern lights pics.

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re: Nikon D3400 DLSR camera questions
If you are upgrading from a cell phone, I would advise you get a higher end point and shoot. You can learn the basics without spending a ton on lenses.

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