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Hey guys, laptop advice/opinion question:
So the wife and I are not overly tech savy, we are in our mid 50’s; we both have iPhone XRs, we have unlimited internet data on phones and home internet so we have cut the cord and have Amazon Prime fire stick, Hulu live, and Netflix. Perfect for us.

So, LAPTOP question (sorry for the long intro, just giving y’all background for our needs). We need a new laptop. Kids grown, we do zero gaming, the only thing we do is browse internet, use MS Office applications, check emails, so pretty much just the basics. Is the following a good deal for our basic needs??

ACER Aspire E 15

Specs: Intel core i3 - 813OU CPU, 6 GB RAM, 1TB Hard drive.... 15 inch. No business travel with it, so portability not an issue.

It’s the first one listed as you scroll down the article

Thanks to all in advance and we appreciate any feedback.

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re: Hey guys, laptop advice/opinion question:
For what you need most anything will get the job done. This computer is on the lower end, so good chance it doesn't have a lot of "staying power", but as non technical users, you may be better off going cheap and replacing as needed... Get with extended warranty protections and just make sure to keep HD backed up.

If you could find something with better specs open box it might be worth it...

Would prioritize:
8gb+ RAM
SSD instead of HDD (or with dual drives)
8th gen i5 processor instead of i3 (unless you see this used unplugged a lot, in which case, i3 likely better as well as maybe even looking for 13" screen instead of 15")

Ultimately, it'll certainly do what you're asking... But if you could find the above without jumping the price up too much, might be worth it.

IIRC microcenter was selling a Lenovo flex around 300 with similar specs... Oos near me and not sure what stores you guys have nearby. But open box might be my first stop before settling.

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re: Hey guys, laptop advice/opinion question:
It's a good computer for your needs. But the default 5400 RPM HDD is absolute dog shite. Spend the extra $50 on the 250GB WD Blue SSD upgrade and that machine will run 3-4 times faster.

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re: Hey guys, laptop advice/opinion question:
Look at the nicer Chromebooks. With what you're describing, this is exactly what they deliver, at a lower price, more reliably, and safer. Unless you must install something locally, but everything you described is available plus you have access to all of the android play store.

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