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4k player with surround speakers (rear wireless?)
I'm looking for a 7.1 4k player where the side and rear speakers are wireless.

My current setup has the rear speakers hooked up to a mini receiver which bluetooths to the main receiver.

However I can't find the same setup for a 4k player.

Anyone have recommendations? I'd strongly prefer not to run speaker wire throughout the attic.

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re: 4k player with surround speakers (rear wireless?)
When you say player do you mean receiver? I don't know of any receivers with this functionality as the wireless aspect likely degrades the signal. However, you could probably utilize a wireless transmitter and another amp to accomplish this.

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re: 4k player with surround speakers (rear wireless?)
I'm kinda confused by this post.

CD/DVD/whatever players don't have speakers. They output a signal.

If you want wireless speakers those are easy to find, and they can be connected to an AVR. The 4k player just sends the signal to the AVR, with the sound then fed to the speakers wirelessly.

Unless, again, I'm confused by what you're asking.

Also, if you don't want to go through walls or attic with the wire you can run it along the baseboard and it's really unobtrusive. That's where mine is.
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