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When a Dem flips: Pedo Joe specific but it's the overall spin too

Donna Brazile on Joe Biden's flip-flops: We should 'embrace' the evolution of politicians

What BoBo Brazile left out was 'Dem' politicians


"When they evolve, we should embrace their evolution," she said. "Perhaps this is not an evolution in his thoughts but is he explaining it better now."

But muh Trump said something else 45 yrs ago


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re: When a Dem flips: Pedo Joe specific but it's the overall spin too
Well just weeks ago Biden mocked Trump and laughed at Trump calling China an economic and geopolitical adversary.

And just this week, he himself admitted that China is a dangerous economic and geopolitical adversary.

Is that considered evolution? Because I call it fricking dumbassery and pandering. Joe is a complete joke. He's a worse frontrunner than HRC was. He can barely formulate and enunciate a complete sentence but we're expected to believe he's leadership material because he's spent his entire life in the swamp? He's the poster child for term limits. Joe is literally beating himself and it's absolutely bizarre that the MSM is trying to act as if he is assured the 2020 victory.

Dims hav learned nothing since 2016. Biden is the paradigm of why Americans voted Trump into office. Yet, that's their anointed candidate

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