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re: WH Says Obama’s Budget Will Be Delayed Again, Use Sequester As An Excuse

Obama does not want the appearance of governing...he wants the appearance of being an advocate. It is really quite smart...he plays to his strengths of being an organizer. You cannot be an organizer in the public spectrum without a bad guy. Since he is the boss in fact, he knows he must appear to abdicate that role. How does this work in reality? Well, we know he controls the executive branch which means he controls all the government agencies and their policies...and we know that he by default controls the Senate as well. The Rs only control one branch of congress, yet by listening to Obama, you would think he is absolutely is faux-abdication. It is smart in that he plays to his strength while at the same time never having to take responsibility for the bad that happens, while at the same time being able to take credit for anything good that happens (Benghazi versus Operation Neptune's Spear in a great example). The linchpin for this to work, of course, is a complicit media. The main media never points these rather obvious observations out to the low information society that we live in currently.

Excellent analysis.

The man can't be blamed for any of the bad after all he wants to be fair, he wants to compromise, and he wants everyone to enjoy the American dream.

The man wants to build for the future, and provide jobs for the children of tomorrow even though the children's dads don't have jobs, but that's not his fault.

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re: WH Says Obama’s Budget Will Be Delayed Again, Use Sequester As An Excuse
We knew this sham wow was coming yet people stood by and waited to see if Obama would act like a responsible leader. He didn't. No way Obama can blame this on anyone.

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