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re: Warren Buffett making money off Obama

Where did anyone say your Savior directly assisted anyone make money? You have a douche like Buffett rambling on about raising taxes, now with taxes from Obama's policy hitting harder next year they are cranking out disproportionate dividends to avoid increased taxes. Berkshire and Buffett stand to make money of this.

You're headline says Buffet makes money off Obama. Nothing in the article suggest that this is happening. Buffet is not making more money, rather he is doing things to minimize paying more money next year.

By the way, like any CEO Buffet's first duty is to his shareholders, so if Buffet delayed paying this dividend until next year he would be screwing them over. Regardless of what his opinions on what the tax rate should be, he would be doing his shareholders a disservice by not doing this.

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re: Warren Buffett making money off Obama
His policy put in place an avenue by which people like the untouchable Buffett makes more money by hiding it from taxes. You know the evil white mega rich. Now suddenly Libs are defending a mega rich dude? Berkshire makes money then Buffett makes money.

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