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There was no political party realignment
The party of slavery is still the party of slavery regardless of the window dressing, the big lie is that people of color have always been in on the racket. They started with selling their own like cattle for profit and now they persuade their own to remain impoverished for profit.

How many Kluckers flipped parties in the supposed big switch that the shitlibs like to talk about so much when you remind them that the Democratic Party has a rather checkered history?

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re: There was no political party realignment
Strom Thurmond...That is it.

No literally, Just him.

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re: There was no political party realignment
The GOP has always been considered the party of business interests

If you took a time machine back to the 1860s or 70sand asked average man on street which party favors business, he won't say Dems

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