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re: The sobering truth about 'Gun Rights'...ultimately

Why can't we, you, distance ourselves from the gun-lovers, the 'red-necks' (ill get in trouble for that one), the violence/war-mongers, who just love guns, and are stealing this particular platform to promote/sell guns?

I'm sure that, upon reflection, you would go about this particular question a little differently. I love guns. I do not believe I would be objectively described as a "red-neck" (and thank G-d that "Rural Americans" are not nearly as sensitive as other groups when stereotypical assertions and slurs are hurled at them), nor a "violence/war-monger", though I have proudly served in the reserve components of the US Army for 25 years.


The response shouldn't be an increase in gun sales. That is what the ignorant, biased, do.

Are you familiar with human nature at all? Tell people that Hostess is going out of business and a case of Twinkies pops up on eBay for $1200. Tell people that ammunition (which they lawfully consume for practice, recreation, hunting, self-defense, etc.) will be restricited, and the price quadruples and availability becomes extremely sketchy.

While it is reactionary and ultimately self-defeating, I can't sit here and call it ignorant or biased. I'm going to shop for ammo as soon as this afternoon. I hold 2 post-secondary degrees and most people who know me would balk at any description containing "ignorant" or "bias".


What is the response, the calm, collected response of the 'informed' crowd?

To oppose further restrictions on our rights (which will do nothing - absolutely nothing to increase safety or prevent mass killings, and will more likely lead to emboldened criminals and a net increase in violent activity, including illegal gun violence), to prepare for the potential "day of reckoning" on the ultimate question of the issue and pray for guidance on how to balance all of the other priorities of life, along with a reasonable, rational pursuit of our natural rights of commerce, self-defense (individual AND collective) and the recreational activities involving firearms, as we see fit as a free, sovereign people.
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