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re: The beginning of the end of Democratic/socialist control

You do realize you're describing some of the creepier aspects of a totalitarian government where citizens spy on each other and rat each other out, right?

This, and the other thread about hypothetically killing off everyone living in a large city is the first time reading the poli board has actually scared me.

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re: The beginning of the end of Democratic/socialist control
So It's okay for the government to spy on us and continue to make us redistribute the wealth the people who lie and cheat?

I guess what some of you don't realize is that this goes on right in front of us and we do nothing. I'm not saying track people down. I'm not saying snitch on anybody and turn them into the government. I said post it to a website and accumlulate this information.

Y'all are very good at twisting things to intimidate and prevent attacks to your power. Unfortunately I haven't fallen for your tactics of trying to coopt my idea into some totalitarian utopia.

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