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re: Public school teaches about "white privilege"

How should an ethical individual react to the knowledge of disability fraud?

Report. I am sure the SSA has a process to do such. What did I do? (Was 23 at the time so to best of my memory) Remember telling the HC and our admin...but that was more out of a sense of..."is this not a sorry excuse of a parent" type of talk and not a "what do i need to do...what are my obligations"


Should a citizen or tax payer be concerned when an excellent athlete with at least the aptitude for school to be eligible to play sports is getting a disability check?

I think we all should. All of our enititlement programs are ripe with fraud. Any program, organization, etc. with a significant number of people will contain fraud, misuse, abuse...get back to that problematic human nature thing!

I can remember being in school and a classmate who had basically same home life, socio-economic status, etc. as myself (middle class) was getting free & reduced lunches. I remember him saying, "my dad says that if other people can get this we are going to also" This was definately a family that had no way of qualifying for the program unless they were playing creative financial reporting.

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re: Public school teaches about "white privilege"

Ah, another person who can't answer a simple question. How very typical.

I always answer questions. If the question is: "Is there a white person who gets food stamps?" My answer is 'yes.' Now why don't you explain percentage? Or, are you too math handicapped?

Apparently you don't. That was not my question at all. Now, why don't you answer the question, or are your reading comprehension skills that low?

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