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re: Obama: There Is No Debt Crisis

Indeed. Receipts in billions, current dollars:

2000 - 2,025.2
2001 - 1,991.1
2002 - 1,853.1
2003 - 1,782.3
2004 - 1,880.1
2005 - 2,153.6
2006 - 2,406.9
2007 - 2,568.0
2008 - 2,524.0
2009 - 2,105.0
2010 - 2,162.7
2011 - 2,303.5

I've posted these numbers countless times over the past few years (usually with spending as well, 2009-current paints a very unsettling picture). When talking about taxes and revenues... do ya see how revenues jumped from 2004 to 2005 then stayed high?

Hmmmmm... what economy-effecting policy could have been passed that took full effect in FY2005 to cause such a sustained increase in Revenues?

The world may never know...

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re: Obama: There Is No Debt Crisis
I think for someone whose primary skillset is geared towards campaigning, he is just hyper-political by nature. He views everything in terms of "points." He really is a divisive person. Most everything he says is with reference to there being an other "side" to the issue.

He views his Presidency as a basketball game. Unfortunately, the spectators are the ones taking the beating.
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