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re: Nunes to step aside from Russia probe

Nunes is doing the absolute correct thing here. Very smart move on his part.

Russia Probe.... . This whole thing is now becoming focused on the biggest, Government corruption scandal in the history of the Republic. Obama's DOJ/FBI/Intel Community was CO-OPTED to become a political tool for the Dem Party. And the evidence is THERE; not like some Muh Russia supposed collusion. Collusion, or Trump (through Flynn) talk with Russia even if NOT criminal, but common sense, given Obama's foolish last minute, trumped-up *Sanctions* designed to give more weight for His CYA Op.

This train has left the station. The ugly truth of that Trump Dossier being created by and paid to Russians, by Hillary, and Comey using it to get a FISA Warrant to "wiretap" Trump, is going to come out. It's too big to bury.

Nunes is a non-issue.

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