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North Carolina Protests
What are these twits trying to accomplish? Basically, every Monday for the last few weeks, dependent North Carolinians have been marching on the capital about the cuts to welfare programs and the likes.

First Republican NC government since RECONSTRUCTION, and this is what they encounter. Idiots who want NC to go the way of Detroit.

Head of NC NAACP is leading the pack, too. frick these statists who think poor people need to be on gov. plantation.

Fort Rozz
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re: North Carolina Protests


I found your problem, sir.


frick these statists who think poor people need to be on gov. plantation.

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re: North Carolina Protests
Every Monday the rent a mob loons in Raleigh (shipped in from Sharpton and Obama.) Say that the new republican legislatures and republican Governor want to tax the middle class and poor and give the wealthy tax breaks.

Sound familiar?

NC is down the list of unemployment with Ca. The Governor using the brain that God gave him wants to appeal to others to move here by lowering taxes all around. The former Governor (AKA The Joker) and too many years of democrats destroyed NC. Their priorities were funding art museums and wasting money on dumb as dirt ideals; while taxing the people to death.

The new CEO of Duke Energy is an Obama boy. Raising electric rates and in Obamas hip pocket. Progress Energy (Now, Duke Energy) was one of the sponsors of the anti-God; democratic national campaign in Charlotte. The last CEO was fired and given millions in severance pay.
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re: North Carolina Protests
the reason it's NC is cause they took the wrong side in the War of Northern Aggression. let 'em all starve to death .......

Beer Bryant
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re: North Carolina Protests

North Carolina & South Carolina were both members of the original 13 colonies.

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re: North Carolina Protests
Have a Beer brah

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