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Let's do a quick recap of the infamous Jotato "Get Off My Lawn" address

Here are a couple of the more outrageous claims/lies and straight up gaslighting by President Jotato.

One of the more despicable moments of the night was Biden telling Americans he was rebuilding the backbone of the American middle-class by repatriating US manufacturing and industrial production back to the US and the creating high paying manufacturing jobs.

This ^^^ sounds like Trump, doesn't it? It sounds like Trump because bringing back jobs to the US from China and other offshore locations was one of Trump's keynote promises to the American people in 2016. What Joe Biden didn't and will not share with the American people is he was a strong proponent of bringing China into the WTO, he won't share his votes in the Senate that assisted many US companies the legal right to take their manufacturing.and production facilities offshore to China and other locations around the world.

You see, it takes a lot of brass to stand in front of hot cameras and mics on national TV and lie without flinching, or maybe it doesn't take that much brass when you know every major institution in the US is on your side, when you know the Corporate media will run cover for your lies and never press you on your lies. But let's give Biden some credit, he successfully hijacked one of Trump's MAGA campaign promises and has made it his own after Trump got the ball rolling.....nice job Joey.

Another bizarre claim that wasn't wholly inaccurate was Biden claiming he reduced the deficit by $1 trillion dollars in 2022 but as usual Jotato would not put this dubious claim into full context and for good reason. You see when Covid-19 hit and the Covid-19 hysteria was at full pitch Trump went along with the so called health experts recommendations and it absolutely crushed the economy.....the Dims saw this Covid-19 hysteria as an opportunity to deficit spend at levels they could have never dreamed possible. In short Trump screwed up and went along with the Dims and Uniparty members of Conrgress demands for massive deficit spending to fund enhanced unemployment benefits, stimulus checks to Americans, PPP and other reckless spending to a tune of $4-5 trillion and Trump signed off on it....shame on Trump. You want to now what's insane? The Dims didn't think Trump was spending enough, they wanted more, you think Biden is going to mention these facts?

Then Biden is installed as president and he promptly deficit spends another $3-4 trillion in his first 18 months as president. Then in 2022 raging inflation ends the deficit spending to the degree it's not being done in $2 trillion dollar chunks so the deficit drops $1 trillion ......stil deficit spending over a trillion annually but Jotato had to back off because government reported inflation was running nearly 10% YOY ......but Biden is not going to share that with the American people.

Biden can lie with impunity because too many Americans are clueless as to what's going on...... or many will go along with the illegitimate regime's lies and deception because they believe it's in their best interest to support the corruption if it means their progressive ideology is promoted and implemented.

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re: Let's do a quick recap of the infamous Jotato "Get Off My Lawn" address
Don’t forget those pesky McDonald’s non competes.

Joe gonna fix that for sure.

What an idiot.

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re: Let's do a quick recap of the infamous Jotato "Get Off My Lawn" address

Biden can lie with impunity

…because the media will not hold him accountable.

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re: Let's do a quick recap of the infamous Jotato "Get Off My Lawn" address
That was classic Biden.

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re: Let's do a quick recap of the infamous Jotato "Get Off My Lawn" address
So if I come to your house and steal $500.

Then next week come to your house and steal $250 I have cut theft in half?

Joe Biden reasoning.

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re: Let's do a quick recap of the infamous Jotato "Get Off My Lawn" address
Thank you!

Too many in our country are completely ignorant (and willingly so) of the facts or accepting of the lies/corruption because of ideology and/or TDS

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