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IT'S SATURDAY!!! 1 day late
Cover story is a woman suing the City of Shreveport because she was raped during the Independence Bowl in a city office by a city official. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

First/Middle Names:

Shanita Shahamish ..tried to run over her boyfriend.
Lynnn .. need one more 'n.'
Akikta .. a breed of large dog.
Contril .. white smoke coming out of a jetliner.
Sonzelique ..this is a line of perfume.
Samisha Jeunesse ... identity theft, that's why you need Life Lock.
Cartavian ...period after the Jurassic.
Cremart .. a chain of convenience stores.
Shaquille O'neal ...wonder who he was named after.
Equael .. a sugar substitute.
Asperran .. the pain killer got caught again.
Villatoro .. town with a lot of bulls.
Shabbrittany .. shoplifting. Total value of $3.46.
Aqu'Neshia ... this is a shampoo.
Delphine .. an oracle in Greece.
Tina Marie .. she played Ginger.
Tannis .. a chemical found in hot tea.
Pervis .. named after Melvin.
Quatavrius ..worth a lot in scrabble.
Eeon ..a period of time.
Nyon .. 'thereabouts' as in 'It's been Nyon to 20 years since Tulane went to a bowl game.'

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