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re: I struggle with the "right" to vote setup we have


that IS a pretty powerful action they are capable of...

make no mistake though... everyone that feels that their "one" vote doesn't do anything is DEAD wrong. every person that cares makes an impression on our elected local officials. and that is everything. so, that smug feeling is fairly vindicated.

don't get me wrong, i definitely understand your feeling here. the ability to riot is huge. but not that many people are consciously considering that they feel the need to go "riot" today, ya know?

long ago, when voting started, those that got to vote had to own land or property. from then until now, the only restrictions are that you have to be 18 years old and can't be a person that has shot someone in the face or committed some other sort of felony.

i have no idea where the middle ground lies, and i have no clue who should define this middle ground. all i know, is that we all ought to be born with a right to vote, and that we also ought earn it.

god damnit, i just want America to be full of people with balls, and drive, and win! i want us to represent a people that others envy and not hate. and what's frustrating is that at least HALF of Americans -are- kickass. and the public perception couldn't be more dissimilar. tv, radio, internet, movies, music, etc etc etc, all those things need to be truly "fair and balanced." and none of it is. not ONE bit of what goes on (that i'm aware of) is really without specific agenda.

i'm out! see y'all next year. lol.
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re: I struggle with the "right" to vote setup we have
Owning a firearm is a guaranteed right, yet comes with stipulations. Why shouldn't voting be the same?
I believe your right to vote should depend on whether you give to the government (pay taxes) or take from the government (live off entitlements).


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