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I love watching Democrats “evolve”!
Just in the past few weeks I’ve noticed the DNC/MSM Political Complex evolve on two critical issues.

#metoo and #believeallwomen
Regulating women as sexual vessels had a long and celebrated history in the Democratic Party from FDR through JFK. It reached its zenith with Bill “#metoo” Clinton and the Hilldebeast led “Bimbo Eruption Squad”.
Suddenly the Magnificent Orange SOB arrived on the scene. Womens came out of the woodwork with wild arse fantasy claims of being raped in a first class cabins of airliners while stewardesses served cocktails. And this was SUDDENLY bad! Trump explains how women volunteer to have their pussys grabbed by billionaires. And this was SUDDENLY bad! Evolution before your very eyes folks! BUT, in case you missed it, they “evolved” again! Sleepy Joe “the Hair Sniffer” comes along and suddenly #metoo becomes #shutupandlethimsniff and you no longer #believeallwomen you now #believealldemocrats! Two evolutions right before your eyes.

The Fake News MSM used to see humor in politics like Obama’s, “Obamacare reforms we seek would bring greater inefficiencies to our health care system.” Jokes on us as he did bring greater inefficiencies and raised healthcare cost in “all 57 states”! Goodtimes! The the evolution. Orange Man Bad and they lose their sense of humor as the world turns deadly. When Obama played golf, or basketball, or filled out NCAA brackets, or held Beer Sumits with cops he erroneously called racist it was all in good fun. But drop one “Covfefe” and OMG the world is ending! Impeach! Call the UN! BUT, now your two for one “evolution special”! Joe “Loose Cannon” Biden says only real Black People vote for him! If you vote Orange you are the new Not-Black! Suddenly the MSM sees humor again! Senile Old White Man FUNNY! Orange Man RACIST if said same thing!

EVOLUTION is easy when you have no concrete moral foundation. It used to be called blowing with the wind, or spineless, or fickle, or will do anything or anyone to win.

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re: I love watching Democrats “evolve”!
“Will do anything or anyone to win.”

And just when I think that they can’t top what they’ve already done, they get more desperate and prove me naive.

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re: I love watching Democrats “evolve”!

EVOLUTION is easy when you have no concrete moral foundation.


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re: I love watching Democrats “evolve”!
I disapprove of this thread. Keep in mind, when they go low, we go high.

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re: I love watching Democrats “evolve”!
Thanks Mitt. Tell us again how moralizing wins elections.

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re: I love watching Democrats “evolve”!
You misspelled self destruct in thread title.

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