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re: Democrats get a huge victory today
He did show some sack but at the wrong time and on the wrong things. His backbone showed up to force a hand on tax paying voters. The majority of which, didnt want the hand. Thats what a dictator does.

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re: Democrats get a huge victory today
Your reasoning makes absolutely zero sense.

You lay out all these adjectives that show TP entrenchment but fail to call out Obama's entrenchment or point out his petty lock down of things never locked down in any government shutdown before.

You also fail to point out this whole “government shutdown” fiasco is nothing more than a ploy by the media & the democrats to scare the public into getting their way , this same government shutdown in the 1980s was not even news worthy.

So a contrived chaotic situation , based on a “ problem ” that wasn't deemed a threat to the U.S. in the 1980s when dems. used this tactic as leverage is suddenly the holy grail of news stories ,the be all end all.

I hate to say it , but you all have been duped by the media.

O'reily stated 3 weeks ago that this is all HOGWASH because on Oct. 16 a deal will be made.

It is a shame no one holds this president responsible for not passing a budget in 5 years thereby creating this never ending saga. ( IMO on purpose )

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