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A 3 year negative campaign ad on Trump
The dim party and lib media (a single entity) have been running a 3 year negative campaign ad on Trump.

This all this shite is. They pour poison in America's ear, hoping that we will become deranged like them, and become haters of Trump.


Negative campaigning or mudslinging is the process of deliberate spreading negative information about someone or something to worsen the public image of the described.

It's more than negative info. The dims are spreading lies!


There are a number of techniques used in negative campaigning. Among the most effective is running advertisements attacking an opponent's personality, record, or opinion. There are two main types of ads used in negative campaigning: attack and contrast.

Instead of advertisements, the dims use their lapdog media to dump on Trump morning, noon and night on "News" outlets.


Attack ads focus exclusively on the negative aspects of the opponent. There is no positive content in an attack ad, whether it is about the candidate or the opponent. Attack ads usually identify the risks associated with the opponent, often exploiting people's fears to manipulate and lower the impression voters have of the opponent. Because attack ads have no positive content, they have the potential to be more influential than contrast ads in shaping voters’ views of the sponsoring candidate's opponent.


Unlike attack ads, contrast ads contain information about both the candidate and the opponent. The information about the candidate is positive, while the information about the opponent is negative.

The dims don't contrast themselves with Trump because they have NOTHING positive to offer. NOTHING! The dims run on nothing but a deranged hatred of Trump. Attack! Attack Attack! That's all they got.

Source is Wiki: LINK

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