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re: 19 year old fighting for Lousiana to keep science in the classroom

plus NC's either trolling or ignorance that the objective of the law is to promote creationism.
Oh I'm obviously aware of the history, and I don't support promotion of Creationism. Then again neither does the oft misquoted LSEA. Whatever the supposed intent, the actual law is innocuous. That comes as a surprise to those who actually read it.

However, I'm also well aware of the opposite extreme manifested for example in the New Orleans School Board's objection to the LSEA. The Board's expressed delineation of various historical FACTS as "revisionist" is ridiculous. It is unacceptable. It is ignorance personified. It speaks exactly to the need for something like the LSEA.

Well, you are an enemy to science. And I am in favor of evolution and oppose creationism in schools.
What certain folks here are missing is that opposition to debate is opposition to science. Creativity or fun in the scientific method comes with testing a hypothesis. It doesn't come from memorizing someone else's result (unless that result answers further questions of interest). The fun is in discovering answers, not in supressing questions.

Juxtapose an occasional parallel of belief with scientific method. So what? Is there really harm in that? Allow students to explore the differences. Expose those differences to daylight. Expose them to fresh air. The result will only strengthen science.

But more to the point of Science Class, juxtapose science vs science where possible. E.g., Contrast the physics of gas behavior in solution as it is warmed (~95% of terrestrial CO2 being contained in the ocean) with CO2 greenhouse warmist theory. Explore competing paleoclimatology theories. That is science!

Presenting a single mainline concept for memory does not instill critical thinking. It does not encourage reasoning. It does not put future adults in a position to reason with other potentially educable but misinformed people.

Our educational focus on rote acceptance, rather than rational analysis, is disturbing.
It leads to acceptance of the work of great scientists like Al Gore </sarcasm> as unchallengeable fact. It leads politically well-funded hacks like Dr. Phil Jones to espouse questionable theory, declare "the science is settled," and then blackball any colleague who disagrees.

In these cases our science curricula focus on politically correct memorization rather than critical thinking enables exactly the same type ignorance realized in young Earth Creationists. I'm surprised the concept is not more obvious to posters here.

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