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Tell your road trip stories
I'm sure this has been done 1000 times here but I searched, fwiw.

Mine is still Seattle to Cabo, but this may beat it (at least by 12-years-later standards)....

I just finished rebuilding the cabover of my Lance truck camper (after stupidly leaving the sunroof open in a weekend of storms a few years ago + not taking care of it as one should for two years) and she's loaded on the truck.

Atlanta to BR to Santa Fe (was going to do Austin, but probably just pushing through), Durango/Telluride, Moab, Jackson, Bozeman, then going to stop by my aunt's (great story for another time) near Dillon, then on to my house in Missoula.

Then the Bob Marshall and whatever doesn't involve driving for two weeks.

Leaving the truck and truck camper out there--found a covered storage spot w/ free airport service for less than basic insurance. If anyone ever wants to go out, let me know. (I made this offer once on the OT and got homoerotic badgering, of course.) The plan is to use it as base camp for skiing, backpacking, fishing, etc, etc,

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re: Tell your road trip stories
RV'd from Cenla to Alpena, MI a few years back. Couple hours into the trip catch a flat on the inside back right tire. No big deal, me and pops hop out and go to work. Then we hit the snag, cant get the spare off the back, I mean two grown men pulling trying to break the nut loose. Not happening, so we call roadside. Dude shows up, Im sure thinking to himself, these dumb mfers cant even change a tire. After a couple tries he steps back and says "damn, that bitch is on there." Took 3 grown men, and a damn metal fence post for a cheater bar to get it broke loose. Beat all we had ever seen. Uneventful trip after that, KVD did pass us up on the hwy somewhere in MI, followed his arse for a good 2-3 hrs waiting for him to stop, never did though. Not a very CSB, but the best I got.

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re: Tell your road trip stories
Drove BTR to Big Sky, MT and back in a two week span.

Snowboarded six mountains in between - Copper, Breck, Steamboat, Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee and Big Sky.

Too many stories inside of one to tell.

Long story short, our country is amazing and I'm damn glad to be AMERICAN.

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re: Tell your road trip stories
In 2009 I had a fairly extensive hip surgery that took several hours in the knife with two of the nations leading hip specialists in San Diego. I wasn't supposed to ride in a car for a month and I wasn't supposed to drive for 3 months. 11 days after having the surgery I drove myself and 2 friends through the night to see LSU spank that longhorn arse in the CWS in Omaha. In the popular picture of Jared Mitchel running to the outfield after hitting the triple late in the third game I am in the first row giving the well deserved tiger praise.

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