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Pellet vs charcoal smoker
Looking for advice. I got into smoking last year with a small electric smoker. I am looking to replace my propane grill with a combo grill so that I can start smoking on the pit. I have cooked with charcoal over the years, but have not cooked with pellets. Wondering if any of y'all have opinions on which would be the way to go.

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re: Pellet vs charcoal smoker
Big Green Egg (Or whatever version you choose)

Best, most versatile outdoor cooker there is.

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re: Pellet vs charcoal smoker
If you’re not a busy man, offset is the best way to go. You’ll be thinking with it throughout the cook and it’s output is amazing. Just make sure you get something with 1/4” steel to hold heat.

Pellet is more set and forget. Keep the hopper full and you’re good to go.

There is more “art” to offsets.

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re: Pellet vs charcoal smoker
The best value if doing small quantities would be a Weber Kettle. If all you do is smoke on it probably a Weber Smoking Mountain is the best value for a dedicated smoker.

The best all around if doing small quantities is kamado cookers. It’s basically a REALLY nice Weber Kettle.

If you are a lazy cooker your options are a pellet cooker (can do both but is a better smoker than grill). If your a lazy cook and you don’t want to depend on electronics then look a gravity feed smoker (it only smokes)

If you want to work the fire and like the process buy an offset smoker.
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re: Pellet vs charcoal smoker
I just got the Masterbuilt 560. Smoking a chuck roast as we speak. Like the fact that it controls the temp, I ain’t got time to be chasing a grill all day trying to keep temp right.

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re: Pellet vs charcoal smoker
What's the budget? They have ceramics like Kamado Joe Primo and BGE or they have a vast array of pellet grills that do a wide range of temps. There is also the Masterbuilt gravity smoker that uses charcoal and but is automated like the pellets.

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re: Pellet vs charcoal smoker
I have a Rec Tec Stampede. Great grill. Temp range is 180-500. The only problem I have with it is that it’s not gonna give a good sear, but I knew that going in and kept my little Weber kettle for that. Like someone above said, it’ll just depend on your budget.

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re: Pellet vs charcoal smoker

The best value if doing small quantities would be a Weber Kettle.

I’ve been using a Weber Kettle for about 4 years now. My intention was to upgrade to a big green egg by now but my Weber does everything I need it to do so I haven’t really seen the point yet.

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