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BreakFree CLP Crisis
Help. Need current information. A giant jug of BreakFree from the service found its way into my footlocker back in the early '80s. Been using it ever since. After 20 yrs, it's almost gone. Left remainder at vacation home down south...figured I'd buy new stuff in Alaska when I moved.

Couldn't find it anywhere in Alaska...not Wally-world...nada. (had me scratching my head..EVERYPLACE has BreakFree, right?) Finally found a local gun shop that is a current dealer. Bought a small bottle.

It's totally different. Looks, smell, feel, everything. Nothing like my old stuff. Thin as hell. No-go.

A little web browsing shows there have been changes since my day. It's apparently no longer MilSpec either.

Any of you guys know a current CLP equal to the old BreakFree? Something else that is MilSpec?

How about G96? Anybody have any experience with it?

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re: BreakFree CLP Crisis

Any of you guys know a current CLP equal to the old BreakFree? Something else that is MilSpec?

Not sure if any Break Free is milspec now but it has never let me down and cleans up very well.

I know the Break Free CLP and the Winchester CLP have a little bit of a different consistency. The Break Free is more foamy and the Winchester is more liquid. Both seem to do a good job with a toothbrush or a copper wire brush.

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re: BreakFree CLP Crisis
Breakfree CLP aerosol spray is very foamy and then gets watery. Good for getting it everywhere and letting things soak.

Breakfree CLP in the hand sprayer is thicker and not as foamy. Good for last application before storing firearms.

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