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Anyone work at bass Pro Shop

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re: Anyone work at bass Pro Shop
I don't. Just didn't want you're thread to get a goose egg.

But it seems like a decent place to work. Id rather work at a smaller sporting goods store or gun shop if I had to. Even Dicks over Bass Pro. In high school working at my brothers small archery shop was possibly the funniest job I've ever had.

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re: Anyone work at bass Pro Shop
My SIL was a manager for a few years. Seems like any other retail chain, you just get to look at cool shite all day.

Discount ain't bad though.

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re: Anyone work at bass Pro Shop
I worked at Cabelas.

You get to be around cool shite and play with it all day
Be around like people
Great discounts
lots of product testing (free shit)

if you work in the hunting section, your busy time is hunting season
if you work in the fishign section, your busy time is the spring
working weekends
don't get paid for shit, which diminishes the benefit of the discounted products
dealing with the general public

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re: Anyone work at bass Pro Shop
I worked at Dick's Sporting Goods

Pros: I worked in Team Sports, so nothing.

Cons: Shitty hours
Very Low Pay
Non-existent discounts

Place was horrible to work at, maybe if i got stuck upstairs in outdoors in would have been bearable

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re: Anyone work at bass Pro Shop
Diesel worked there, I assume he enjoyed it because even after quitting he let them call him every once in a while when they needed shifts covered

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re: Anyone work at bass Pro Shop
I applied and went for 3 interviews there, each with a progressively higher-up person. Shop manager wanted me to start within the week. HR lady liked me. Some other guy that I spoke with(who reviewed my questionnaire) got caught on the fact that I didn't care if people smoked weed at their house and didn't come into work high. Kept on telling me that I seemed to like weed more than most and smoked often. Hadn't touched the stuff since I was a teeny-bopper. He also got aggravated that I thought people who got paid less were more likely to steal. I thought some of the questions were to catch people lying, evidently not.

My competition was a guy who couldn't read, and another who couldn't answer the questionnaire questions. He flat out couldn't figure out what to do. Just go ahead and feed them what you think they would want to hear if you were in church.

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