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Who else fondly remembers the CBS Olympics theme?

by mattz1122
mattz1122142/27 11:23 pm

Time to start the Olympic withdrawl until Tokyo in 2 years.

by Muahahaha
Muahahaha 132/27 5:23 pm


by Wedge
Wedge 12/25 9:39 pm

Closing ceremony

by TigerFanatic99
TigerFanatic99 142/26 9:25 am

US Olympian rips Ivanka Trump

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by Palmetto08
Palmetto08443/1 11:29 am

Has Curling officially become the most beloved sport in the Winter Olympics for Americans?

by mizzoubuckeyeiowa
mizzoubuckeyeiowa132/27 11:08 am

Ok guys, I wanna start a curling team to compete in the next Olympics . . .

by Bham4Tide
Bham4Tide152/26 7:07 pm

Saturday prime time thread - 2/24/18

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by blueboy
blueboy 1592/25 1:32 am
Mr Personality

Mass Start Speed Skating

by sms151t
sms151t 152/25 7:57 am

NBC coverage is the worst. Omg

by Mahootney
Mahootney 22/25 8:24 am

These Olympics were a huge win

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by truthbetold
truthbetold 212/26 8:26 am

Why don't speed skaters look like they're trying hard on the home stretch?

by PrimeTime Money
PrimeTime Money 72/28 11:37 am

Should Ninja Warrior be an Olympic sport?

by Jim Rockford
Jim Rockford 72/24 8:52 pm

A Public Service Announcement from the German Foreign Office

by MikeyFL
MikeyFL 82/26 10:23 am

Medal design

by The_Joker
The_Joker 112/24 11:08 am

No gold for Canada in hockey for first time since 1998

by bluestem75
bluestem75 62/23 11:36 am
Bags of Milk

Canada can't handle W Hockey loss to US

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by mizzoubuckeyeiowa
mizzoubuckeyeiowa212/27 9:27 am

Is Jessie Diggins going to be the Star of the Olympics for America?

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by mizzoubuckeyeiowa
mizzoubuckeyeiowa292/25 12:25 am

Women's individual Figure Skating final LIVE

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by Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby512/23 9:04 am
Speedy G

USA W team pursuit Bronze medal

by mizzoubuckeyeiowa
mizzoubuckeyeiowa42/22 8:56 pm
Winston Cup

Why are shiffrin and Vonn not doing team?

by baldona
baldona 122/24 9:14 pm

Jocelyne Lamoureux Is a Dirty, Dirty Girl

by MikeyFL
MikeyFL 132/23 11:55 am

US 1-2 in M Freestyle Ski

by bluestem75
bluestem75 22/21 10:01 pm

USA WINS Gold Medal Game W Hockey

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by sms151t
sms151t 5362/24 10:42 pm
Mr Personality

Is there any men's events on NBC..?

by Hangover Haven
Hangover Haven 82/22 5:00 am
I Bleed Garnet

2/21 Primetime Thread

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by quail man
quail man 762/22 6:56 am

NBC randomly starts showing a speed skating race and drops out just before finish

by weagle99
weagle99 22/21 7:46 pm

WOWYHI - Damn Dirty Dutch Edition

by supatigah
supatigah 142/24 1:13 am

Bode Miller

by Jobu93
Jobu93 142/21 11:01 pm
Jim Rockford

My question / gripe about Curling - spoiler alert for Sweden vs USA womens match

by Tiger Ree
Tiger Ree 32/21 7:29 pm
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