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Most unbelievable story told to you by an adult

we all have that fishing buddy who caught a 10 lb. bass the only time you didn't fish with him, or the buddy who shot a 15 point that ran off. this isn't that.

we were talking about dog attacks one day at work when our UPS driver pops in to deliver a package. he overheard us and decided to chime in. he proceeds to tell this whopper of a tale where he was delivering a package to this house and a 100lb rottweiler charges at him. he went on to say that the dog jumps at him, and in mid air he stuffs his arm down the dog's mouth and chokes him and kills him. we were waiting for a laugh at the end, but this guy had a straight face the whole time.

i can't take this guy seriously anymore and anytime i see him around town i can't help but laugh. we even have a running joke about him now in the office. i can't believe a grown arse man would tell such a story.

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i still remember the story told on here about a dude banging a chick just met and he hit her with the lamp.

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He was probably just fricking with you

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Friends in college got a flat tire on i10. A deer approached them so my buddy squared him up and punched it. Deer ran away.

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This one time, at band camp…..

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no, he was serious. a couple people i work with went to school with him and apparently this isn't a one off situation.

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When I was in college I worked one summer for a guy who was a fence contractor. One day it was just him and me sitting there eating lunch and he started telling me about his Korean war experiences. Real Rambo type stuff about going behind enemy lines. He said he'd never told anyone else, not even his own family. This guy was well respected in the community, served on the school board, etc. Not the type who would tell tall tales, but what he told me was nearly unbelievable.

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That man landed on the moon.

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Pedo Joe Biden got the most votes in history by hiding in a basement and not being able to fill a middle school cafeteria

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old guy at my old office swore he would 10 rep 800 lb squats in HS

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Some chick started telling me this story about backpacking in Western Europe but I wasn't buying it.

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chris says he has friends

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Years ago, this guy and his wife were telling stories at dinner. She then tells her husband to tell the funny one about the drive through line at some restaurant. This guy goes into all sorts of detail about his experience at some place in town and its not really that funny and seemed a bit forced, but the wife is laughing away.

A few years later, I was watching a special on the Smothers Brothers, and it turns out that was a routine they did. The dude made a fool of himself copying an old comedy sketch he couldn't really do well.

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Hunter is the smartest guy I know.

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I had an old neighbor who did some contract work for the military down in Belle Chase. Every time he'd get drunk, he'd go into this whole story about how he got molested in the barracks by the Ether Bunny.....


Ether Bunny
The Ether Bunny is an urban legend about a college kid whos roomate would secretly arse rape him after making him unconscious by putting an ether or chloroform soaked rag over his face while sleeping.

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My dad once told me he used to be a millionaire before he had my brother an I. We grew up poor as shite. Pissed me off and knew he was full of shite when he told me.

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Most unbelievable story told to you by an adult

My Aunt swears she knows who is behind the JFK assassination but would never say because she'd get taken out.

True story...the part of her saying that, not her story
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Pick any political topic.

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read my lips, no new taxes
if you like your Dr you can keep your Dr
I did not have sex with that woman

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